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Referred to as the pioneer of French New Wave Jean-Luc Goddard was once just critic. Having participated in the French Magazine Cahiers du Cinéma, founded by some very important film theorist such as André Bazin and François Truffaut. They contributed to many ideologies and examined the medium of film through an avant-garde appeal. The film Breathless (1960) can be a bit confusing at times because it wanted to reject classical cinematic practices He used the medium to create a new form of art that produced seductive yet awkward feature. Breathless was Goddard’s first film as a director and it displayed his interest editing and use of narrative. The film it self doesn’t even seem scripted at times but it doesn’t annoy its viewers. It does the opposite by engaging with not knowing what the next move will be. Stealing another car or lifting up women’s skirts. Its all fun and entertaining to see.

The plot is quite simple boy mets girl but there are some interesting scenes in the film that are the essence of what makes the film memorable.

For example the interview conducted between the female protagonist and a French writer/philosopher. As they ask him question about romance and love he answers them with wit and poise.He is more interested in flirting with Patricia than answering any of her questions.

Jump Cuts- the use of jump cuts is very visible throughout the film. Its these small technical innovations that make a difference. The use of hand held camera is also very visible to the viewer.

Perhaps the most memorable parts of the film is Patricia, her accent is to die for along with her hairstyle. She is a beauty that transcends through time with her style and presence. Both male and female protagonist worked well together in the film. Their performance was captivating together, it did not take much effort to feel the chemistry brewing. Things do not end well for the pair but that is to be expected because he is a thief and she is naive…

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  1.    mdeandrade100 on December 9, 2011 12:38 am

    Really liked this story. Yup and you’re right, in the end she was naive and he was a thief. They both got what they had coming to them.

    Those jump cuts are really nice too. You feel as if you’re in the car with them.

  2.    kgarvey2 on December 14, 2011 12:22 am

    I agree with you in saying the unscripted plot does not annoy the viewers. The dialogue and jump cuts provide spontaneity to the film that prevents the audience from looking away.

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