It may be harder for today’s audiences to fully appreciate a film like Citizen Kane at first sight. The story is a bit slower than what audiences may expect today. However, the films inventive way of camera use still influences filmmakers today, it certainly can be said that Welles was distinct and groundbreaking to make a film like this on his first try. Being that the film was in black-and-white many camera techniques were used to create a powerful picture. Every shot in the film was intended to give audiences a better understanding of the character in the film. The opening scene in the film begins with an establishing shot of the mansion that clearly states “No Trespassing” accompanied by music that sets the tone of suspense and dismay. As the camera moves its way deeper into the fog and passed the gates and right to his window which appears to be snowing but as the camera retracts itself you see that its a snow glow in the palm of his hand. Immediately after you notice the object in his hand the camera jumps to display lips whisper “Rosebud” he drops the snow glow allowing it to break. An unusual use of framing is followed to seem to appear as if the camera was looking through a glass, confusing the viewer only to then realize that the character is now dead.From the very beginning there is a mystery set in terms of the character and those last words uttered. The use of narrative structure is with out a doubt innovative for its time. Citizen Kane is nothing less than a classic.

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